Kids Can Compost

Looking for a fun and easy how to guide to composting?

EcoFriendly color 24 pages paperback $9.99.


Children love to help take care of our earth. Composting is a fun and easy way for grown ups and children alike to do something good for our environment. Composting reuses and recycles our resources and reduces waste. Plus, you get some new pets, lots of worms and bugs!

Book available for $6 for non-profits and schools please email directly to order.

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About the Author

Wen-Chia Tsai Parker is a Taiwanese American that grew up in New York and trained as an architect, a designer, problem solver and freethinker. She has always loved gardening and making things grow. Now, living in Los Angeles, California, she teaches her three children about caring for the earth. She shares composting with all her friends and family. Wen-Chia strives to preserve, reuse and recycle our resources so that it can be shared with our generations of children to come.

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